Silicon Microarray Spotting Pins : Compatibility
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Pins and Printhead

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Compatibility of Silicon Pins and Printhead
with Various Types of Spotters

Spotter Make Spotter Model Required Adapters Other Adjustments Needed for the Spotter
DeRisi Design All models None (readily adaptable) None
Genomic Solutions

Omnigrid Accent
Omnigrid 100
Omnigrid 300

None (readily adaptable) None
Genetix QArray2 Needs adapter for printhead
(Order SMT-AQA48)
Bio-Rad Chipwriter Pro

Need adapters for printhead and dry station
(Order SMT-ACW48)

Genomic Solutions Microgrid II Needs adapter for printhead
(Order SMT-AA48MG)
RoboDesign RoboArrayer Needs adapter for printhead
(Please call us)
May need adjustments to the wash and dry station
Cartesian PixSys 4500 Needs adapter for printhead
(Please call us)
May need to raise the source plate in the z direction using spacers or shims

Please call us at 408-749-8318 for custom adapters
or if your spotter model is not listed in the above table




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